Westfjords of Iceland

The geology of the Westfjords is the oldest in Iceland. Geothermal activity exists throughout the region. The most active area is Reykjanes. The Westfjords possesses numerous places of outstanding natural beauty such as Drangajökull glacier, which is the fifth largest glacier in Iceland, Dynjandi waterfall in Arnarfjord or the mountains between Dyrafjord and Arnarfjord. A diverse variety of wildlife thrives in the region, particularly birdlife. Hornbjarg and Latrabjarg cliffs, considered the most westerly points of Europe, provide one of the most concentrated bird habitats in Europe. In Isafjarðadjup you will find two of Iceland’s natural pearls, Æðey and Vigur islands.

Other places of interest are Skruð in Dyrafjord, the internationally renowned doll museum in Flateyri, the swimming pools of Bolungarvik, Flateyri, Suðureyri and Osvör, the natural history museum in Bolungarvik, the Westfjord Cultural Centre situated in Turnhus in Neðstikaupstaður, Melrakkasetrið centre and Raggagarður Park in Suðavik.

Holt in Önundarfjord is one of the most beautiful coastlines of the country. From Bolungarvik is a short trip to Skalavik or if you prefer a mountain hike Bolafjall Mountain is close by, which will provide an exceptional view over Isafjarðardjup and Hornstrandir.