Súðavík village around 1950

Suðavik is a small fishing village in Álftafjörður, Isafjörðurdjup. Two hundred people live in the newest part of the village situated at the base of Mount Kofra. Suðavik offers a variety of opportunities and activities for all age groups, such as Fjölskyldugarði Vestfjarða Park and Raggagarður Park. Furthermore, no visit to Suðavik would be complete without a visit to Melrakkasetrið Centre in Eyradalur.

There are a number of interesting places to visit which are within easy travelling distance from Suðavik. The towns of Bolungarvik, Suðureyri, Flateyri and Thingeyri are all within a one hour drive from Suðavik. Suðavik is the ideal place for families wanting to experience life in a small fishing village and at the same time feel close to nature and embrace all the wonderful expressions of nature of the Westfjords.

Road distance to Súðavík
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